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Dr. Jason R. Kovac: Penile Prosthesis and Penile Implants (Vol 6, Suppl 5, November 2017) More >>
Dr. Philippe E. Spiess and Michael A. Poch: Management of Penile Cancer (Vol 6, No 5, October... More >>

Original Article

Impact of the Ki-67 labeling index and p53 expression status on disease-free survival in pT1 urothelial carcinoma of the bladder
Malte W. Vetterlein, Julia Roschinski, Philipp Gild, Phillip Marks, Armin Soave, Ousman Doh, Hendrik Isbarn, Wolfgang Höppner, Walter Wagner, Shahrokh F. Shariat, Maurizio Brausi, Franziska Büscheck, Guido Sauter, Margit Fisch, Michael Rink

Review Article

The contemporary role and impact of urine-based biomarkers in bladder cancer
Igor Duquesne, Lars Weisbach, Atiqullah Aziz, Luis A. Kluth, Evanguelos Xylinas, Young Academic Urologist Urothelial Carcinoma Group of the European Association of Urology
Opportunities of next-generation sequencing in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer outcome prediction
Karl H. Pang, Francesco Esperto, Aidan P. Noon, On behalf of the EAU Young Academic Urologists- Urothelial Cancer Working party
Peri-operative chemotherapy for muscle-invasive bladder cancer: status-quo in 2017
Benjamin Pradère, Constance Thibault, Malte W. Vetterlein, Jeffrey J. Leow, Benoit Peyronnet, Morgan Rouprêt, Thomas Seisen
Different stages in drug development for muscle-invasive bladder cancer
Gallus Beatus Ineichen, Raphael Röthlisberger, Kevin Fabian Johner, Roland Seiler
Do we have biomarkers to predict response to neoadjuvant and adjuvant chemotherapy and immunotherapy in bladder cancer?
Felix Wezel, Stefan Vallo, Florian Roghmann, On behalf of the “Young Academic Urologi Carcinoma Group of the European Association of Urology”
Genetic determinants for chemo- and radiotherapy resistance in bladder cancer
Andrea Mari, David D’Andrea, Mohammad Abufaraj, Beat Foerster, Shoji Kimura, Shahrokh F. Shariat
The current status and clinical value of circulating tumor cells and circulating cell-free tumor DNA in bladder cancer
Sabine Riethdorf, Armin Soave, Michael Rink
Current markers and their value in the era of immuno-oncology
Friedrich-Carl von Rundstedt, Andrea Necchi

Original Article

Describing the learning curve for bulbar urethroplasty
Marco Spilotros, Sachin Malde, Tamsin J. Greenwell
Predicting success after artificial urinary sphincter: which preoperative factors drive patient satisfaction postoperatively?
Nathan Chertack, Bradley C. Gill, Kenneth W. Angermeier, Drogo K. Montague, Hadley M. Wood
In vitro head-to-head comparison of the durability, versatility and efficacy of the NGage and novel Dakota stone retrieval baskets
Seth K. Bechis, Joel E. Abbott, Roger L. Sur
Frequency and severity of chronic scrotal pain in Canadian men presenting to urologists for infertility investigations
Aosama Aljumaily, Ellen Forbes, Hind Abdul Jaleel Al-Khazraji, Allan Gordon, Susan Lau, Keith Allen Jarvi
Multispecialty retrospective review of the clinical utility of pelvic magnetic resonance imaging in the setting of pelvic pain
John R. Moore, Ram A. Pathak, Caroline Snowden, Candice W. Bolan, Paul R. Young, Gregory A. Broderick
Degree of twisting and duration of symptoms are prognostic factors of testis salvage during episodes of testicular torsion
Adam S. Howe, Vinaya Vasudevan, Michael Kongnyuy, Kevin Rychik, Lisa A. Thomas, Maria Matuskova, Steven C. Friedman, Jordan S. Gitlin, Edward F. Reda, Lane S. Palmer
Inflatable penile prosthesis implant length with baseline characteristic correlations: preliminary analysis of the PROPPER study
Nelson Bennett, Gerard Henry, Edward Karpman, William Brant, LeRoy Jones, Mohit Khera, Tobias Kohler, Brian Christine, Eugene Rhee, Bryan Kansas, Anthony J. Bella

Case Report

Seminal vesicle schwannoma presenting as rectal pain: successful robotic-assisted excision
Molly A. Elmer-DeWitt, Bradley C. Gill, Raman Unnikrishnan, Andrew J. Stephenson

Review Article

Strategies for maintaining penile size following penile implant
King Chien Joe Lee, Gerald B. Brock
Phalloplasty for the genetic male
Giulio Garaffa, Gabriele Antonini, Vincenzo Gentile, David J. Ralph
Exogenous testosterone: a preventable cause of male infertility
Lindsey E. Crosnoe, Ethan Grober, Dana Ohl, Edward D. Kim
Premature ejaculation: do we have effective therapy?
Ege Can Serefoglu, Theodore R. Saitz, Landon Trost, Wayne J.G. Hellstrom
Peyronie’s disease: current therapy
Clay M. Pendleton, Run Wang

Expert Opinions on Challenging Cases

Commentary on the myths of Peyronie’s disease
Alex K Wu, Tom F Lue


Randall plaque versus renal stone?
Thomas Chi, Joe Miller, Marshall L. Stoller

Original Article

Surgical treatment of Peyronie’s disease by modified 16-dot placation in China
Wen Ji Li, Haijun Yao, Ke Zhang, Zhikang Cai, Jun Da, Mingxi Xu, Zhong Wang
Does normalizing PSA after successful treatment of chronic prostatitis with high PSA value exclude prostatic biopsy?
Sherif Azab, Ayman Osama, Mona Rafaat

Review Article

Future perspectives of prostate cancer therapy
Murali Gururajan, Edwin M. Posadas, Leland W. K. Chung
Small RNA and its application in andrology and urology
Ji Wang, Long-Cheng Li
TGF-β mediated DNA methylation in prostate cancer
Chung Lee, Qiang Zhang, Xaolin Zi, Atreya Dash, Marcelo B Soares, Farahnaz Rahmatpanah, Zhenyu Jia, Michael McClelland, Dan Mercola
Cystine nephrolithiasis
Hasan Fattah, Yasmin Hambaroush, David S. Goldfarb
Outlining the limits of partial nephrectomy
Sameer Chopra, Raj Satkunasivam, Chandan Kundavaram, Gangning Liang, Inderbir S. Gill
Mechanisms of resistance in castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC)
Thenappan Chandrasekar, Joy C. Yang, Allen C. Gao, Christopher P. Evans
Prostate cancer metastasis: roles of recruitment and reprogramming, cell signal network and three-dimensional growth characteristics
Shabnam Ziaee, Gina Chia-Yi Chu, Jen-Ming Huang, Shirly Sieh, Leland W. K. Chung
Inflammation in prostate cancer progression and therapeutic targeting
Timothy Stark, Lydia Livas, Natasha Kyprianou
Sympathetic nervous system and chronic bladder pain: a new tune for an old song
Ana Charrua, Rui Pinto, Lori Ann Birder, Francisco Cruz
Angiogenic factors, bladder neuroplasticity and interstitial cystitis—new pathobiological insights
Ricardo Saban
Increased bladder permeability in interstitial cystitis/painful bladder syndrome
Robert E. Hurst, Beverley Greenwood-Van Meerveld, Amy B. Wisniewski, Samuel VanGordon, Hsueh Kung Lin, Bradley P. Kropp, Rheal A. Towner


PIVOT and the challenges of localized prostate cancer care
Aviva E. Weinberg, James D. Brooks

Research Highlights

Enzalutamide: the emperor of all anti-androgens
Emmanuel S. Antonarakis

Review Articles

Androgen receptor gene mutation, rearrangement, polymorphism
Kurtis Eisermann, Dan Wang, Yifeng Jing, Laura E. Pascal, Zhou Wang
Androgen receptor epigenetics
Changmeng Cai, Xin Yuan, Steven P. Balk
Androgen receptor genomic regulation
Hong-Jian Jin, Jung Kim, Jindan Yu
Decoding the androgen receptor splice variants
Changxue Lu, Jun Luo
Epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) in prostate growth and tumor progression
Campbell M. Grant, Natasha Kyprianou
Steroid hormone synthetic pathways in prostate cancer
Elahe A. Mostaghel
Near-infrared fluorescence and nuclear imaging and targeting of prostate cancer
Jason Wu, Dongfeng Pan, Leland W.K. Chung

Review Article

Kidney stone risk following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery
Benjamin K. Canales, Ricardo D. Gonzalez

Review Article: Hypospadias

Do endocrine disruptors cause hypospadias?
Sisir Botta, Gerald R. Cunha, Laurence S. Baskin

Below are the latest Translational Andrology and Urology articles published online ahead of print publication.


Review Article

Original Article

An American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (AAST) prospective multi-center research protocol: outcomes of urethral realignment versus suprapubic cystostomy after pelvic fracture urethral injury
Rachel A. Moses, John Patrick Selph, Bryan B. Voelzke, Joshua Piotrowski, Jairam R. Eswara, Bradley A. Erickson, Shubham Gupta, Roger R. Dmochowski, Niels V. Johnsen, Anand Shridharani, Sarah D. Blaschko, Sean P. Elliott, Ian Schwartz, Catherine R. Harris, Kristy Borawski, Bradley D. Figler, E. Charles Osterberg III, Frank N. Burks, William Bihrle III, Brandi Miller, Richard A. Santucci, Benjamin N. Breyer, Brian Flynn, Ty Higuchi, Fernando J. Kim, Joshua A. Broghammer, Angela P. Presson, Jeremy B. Myers, from the Trauma and Urologic Reconstruct Network of Surgeons (TURNS)

Original Article