Drs. Gerald Brock and Eric Chung: Erectile Dysfunction (Vol 6, No 1, February 2017)

Posted On 2017-02-17 14:10:10

Scientific evaluation in this field is needed to increase our knowledge and foster evidence-based best practice in men with ED. The current state of ED research is exciting and, in this issue, we present the state of art papers that address various aspects in medical and surgical management of ED. We aim to address the various controversies surrounding key issues such as reviewing the current evidence to support penile rehabilitation; examining the facts on ED, endothelial dysfunction and cardiovascular disease; raising awareness on the risks of counterfeit ED medications; exploring new pharmacotherapeutic agents; and revisiting the advances in the last 40 decades in penile prosthesis implant surgery. Novel and exciting topics in this edition include the concept of masculinity in men with ED, the role of traditional medicine in complementing modern ED treatment, and how to assess and manage fit and healthy men under 40 years old who have ED. As ED is invariably associated with penile length loss, separate topics dedicated to Peyronie’s disease and ED, and penile lengthening surgery are discussed too.


Guest Editors (From left to right): 

Gerald Brock, MD, FRCSC. President-Elect, Canadian Urological Association; Secretary-General, International Society of Sexual Medicine; Professor of Surgery, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.

Eric Chung, MBBS, FRACS. Chair for Andrology section, Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand; Associate Professor of Surgery, University of Queensland, Princess Alexandra Hospital; AndroUrology Centre, Brisbane, QLD, Australia.