Vol 1, No 2 (June 2012): Translational Andrology and Urology

Review Article

TGF-β mediated DNA methylation in prostate cancer
Chung Lee, Qiang Zhang, Xaolin Zi, Atreya Dash, Marcelo B Soares, Farahnaz Rahmatpanah, Zhenyu Jia, Michael McClelland, Dan Mercola
Systemic implications of urinary stone disease
Bogdana Kovshilovskaya, Thomas Chi, Joe Miller, Marshall L. Stoller
Mast cells, estrogens, and cryptorchidism: A histological based review
Clay Mechlin, Barry Kogan
Phalloplasty for the genetic male
Giulio Garaffa, Gabriele Antonini, Vincenzo Gentile, David J. Ralph

Expert Opinions on Challenging Cases

Commentary on high flow, non-ischemic, priapism
Alex K. Wu, Tom F. Lue


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