Article Abstract

A summary of the controversy surrounding off-label medications in men’s health

Authors: Adam Parker, Matthew Bruha, Oluwaseun Akinola, Charles Welliver


While there are common and accepted practices in men’s health, barriers exist to treatment of these disorders with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved medications. In male factor infertility, these barriers include studies that are often underpowered for desired outcomes. This has led to the use of medications previously examined in females in an off-label fashion for treatment of male infertility. Issues surrounding the treatment of hypogonadism in men are more complex, becoming increasingly so in the last few years. Drug companies have developed compounds for treatment of hypogonadism for particular subgroups of men. However, the indicated groups for these medications are narrow leading to these medications being regularly used for an indication the FDA considers to be part of “normal aging”. This work will examine the controversy surrounding the use of off-label medications in men’s health and how factors like pharma advertising, FDA regulation and difficulties in creating adequate studies has affected the current paradigm.