Article Abstract

Injection therapy for Peyronie’s disease: pearls of wisdom

Authors: William O. Brant, Amanda Reed-Maldonado, Tom F. Lue


Peyronie’s disease (PD) is a localized connective tissue disorder of the penis that may result in formation of plaque, penile deformity, pain, erectile dysfunction and emotional stress. It can affect the tunica albuginea, septum, or intracavernous struts leading to curvature, shortening, indentation, or hourglass deformity of the erect penis. Because it is a localized disease, a focal therapy seems to be the most rational approach. Additionally, patients are understandably hesitant to have surgery on the penis. This commentary summarizes the combined experience of verapamil and Xiaflex injection by the authors. Other practitioners use interferon and other medications. We do not use these and therefore have eliminated this from the discussion.