Sperm DNA fragmentation testing reveals the overall quality of a semen sample

Chak-Lam Cho, Ashok Agarwal, Ahmad Majzoub, Sandro C. Esteves


We read with interest the well expressed commentary by Dr. Hallak (1) and he provided us with greater insight into different sperm DNA fragmentation (SDF) tests. Dr. Hallak highlighted an interesting point that “having a DNA fragmentation index (DFI) of <30%, does not mean that the other 70% of spermatozoa have fully normal chromatin” and “this value means only that, given the physical conditions imposed on the spermatozoa to induce DNA denaturation, that 30% of the spermatozoa crossed that threshold” (1,2). We think that it is one of the central concepts in understanding the different aspects of current SDF tests.