Professor Christian G. Stief: the role of surgery for prostate cancer with bone metastases

Posted On 2014-08-20 17:43:36

Professor Christian G. Stief is the Director of the Urological Clinic and Department, Grosshadern Campus, Munich University Hospital. His main fields include smooth muscle pharmacology, bladder carcinoma and reconstructive surgery. His current interests focus on laser in prostate and bladder carcinoma, laser for urinary stones, molecular markers in bladder carcinoma and lymph nodes in prostate carcinoma. We are honored to have a chance to do this interview with Professor Stief in the International Hi-Tech Urological Surgery Forum organized by Professor Chunxiao Liu in Zhujiang Hospital, Guangzhou, China. During the interview, Professor Stief presented his opinions regarding the role of surgery for prostate cancer with bone metastases.


Professor Christian G. Stief