Dr. Arthur L. Burnett: surgical treatment for penile cancer

Posted On 2016-10-24 10:33:28

Arthur L. Burnett, MD, Professor of Department of Urology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, where he is also Director of the Basic Science Laboratory in Neuro-urology. Currently, Dr. Burnett holds professional appointments at the Johns Hopkins Hospital including Director of the Male Consultation Clinic and clinician-scientist at the James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute. Dr. Burnett is recognized for being a world-authority in the science and medicine of male erectile dysfunction. He contributed original discoveries of the nitric oxide biochemical mechanisms in erectile tissue that paved the way for the clinical development of oral medications to treat erectile dysfunction such as Viagra. He has also pioneered work to develop therapies to protect penile nerve function required for improved erectile function recovery after radical prostatectomy.


Dr. Arthur L. Burnett.