Key genes of renal tubular necrosis: a bioinformatics analysis

Peng Lin, Yongqing Pan, Hang Chen, Ling Jiang, Yunhua Liao


Background: To explore the key genes in renal tubular necrosis.
Methods: Microarray datasets GSE69644, GSE27168, and GSE2027 were downloaded from the Gene Expression Omnibus database. Differentially expressed genes (DEGs) were identified and we performed functional enrichment analysis. The network of protein interaction and gene interaction was constructed, and the module analysis was conducted using Cytoscape.
Results: A total of 543 DEGs and 13 hub genes were identified. The correlation analysis between the hub genes and the clinical characteristics of tubular necrosis indicated that the patients with high expression of SPAG5 and BIRC5 had better renal function. Patients with high expression of KIF14, KIF20A, MAD2L1, CKAP2, CDC25C, and CENPEN had poor renal function. Four of those hub genes participate in the cell cycle, apoptosis, and mismatch repair by regulating important genes in the pathway.
Conclusions: Our study suggests that CDC25C, MAD2L, BIRC5, and EXO1 participate in the cell cycle, apoptosis, and mismatch repair during renal tubule necrosis (RTN) and have an impact on renal function.