Vol 9, No 3 (June 2020): Translational Andrology and Urology

Editorial Commentary

Editorial comment: the effect of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on tumour downstaging and outcomes in patients with muscle invasive bladder cancers
Nabil Ismaili
Will chemoradiation-based bladder-sparing therapy become a standard of care for muscle-invasive bladder cancer?
Fumitaka Koga
Optimizing frontline therapy in advanced urothelial cancer
Whi-An Kwon, Ho Kyung Seo
First-line immune checkpoint inhibitors for patients with metastatic urothelial carcinoma treated in routine clinical practice
Renato Naito, Kouji Izumi, Atsushi Mizokami
Local control matters
Ronald B. Levitin, Daniel A. Hamstra
Opioid prescribing after urologic surgery: we are part of the problem and part of the solution—an invited commentary on “an opioid prescription for men undergoing minor urologic surgery is associated with an increased risk of new persistent opioid use”
Matthew J. Ziegelmann, Bridget L. Findlay, Cameron J. Britton, Elizabeth B. Habermann
Implications of local failure on overall prognosis in aggressive prostate cancer
Layth Mula-Hussain, Soumyajit Roy, Shawn Malone
Minimally invasive versus open radical cystectomy: long term oncologic outcomes compared
Francesco A. Mistretta, Stefano Luzzago, Gennaro Musi, Ottavio de Cobelli
Editorial commentary on “Safety and Efficacy of Mirabegron: Analysis of a Large Integrated Clinical Trial Database of Patients with Overactive Bladder Receiving Mirabegron, Antimuscarinics, or Placebo”
Tomonori Yamanishi, Tomohiko Kamasasko, Kanya Kaga, Miki Fuse

Original Article

Loss of epithelial AR increase castration resistant stem-like prostate cancer cells and promotes cancer metastasis via TGF-β1/EMT pathway
Qiliang Cai, Yegang Chen, Dingnrong Zhang, Jiancheng Pan, Zunke Xie, Shenze Ma, Chuanfeng Liu, Jiquan Zuo, Xiaodong Zhou, Changyi Quan, Zhongcheng Xin, Yuanjie Niu
Transvaginal management of symptomatic complex urethral diverticula by definite closure of diverticula and robust reconstruction of the urethra
Yang Yang, Muqiu Zhang, Yuke Chen, Jihong Duan, Yi Liu, Shiliang Wu
Impact of enhanced recovery after surgery or fast track surgery pathways in minimally invasive radical prostatectomy: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Zhengtong Lv, Yi Cai, Huichuan Jiang, Changzhao Yang, Congyi Tang, Haozhe Xu, Zhi Li, Benyi Fan, Yuan Li
The predictive value of the preoperative fibrinogen-albumin ratio on the postoperative prognosis of renal cell carcinoma
Jun Liu, Ying Gan, Haifeng Song, Kun Zhu, Qian Zhang
Computerized tomography before the final treatment cycle of neoadjuvant chemotherapy or induction chemotherapy in muscle- invasive urinary bladder cancer, cannot predict pathoanatomical outcomes and does not reflect prognosis—results of a single centre retrospective prognostic study
Haben Mogos, Elisabeth Eriksson, Johan Styrke, Amir Sherif
U-shaped relationship of age at diagnosis and cancer-specific mortality in primary urachal adenocarcinoma: a cohort study
Dong-Dong Yu, Hui Dong, Zhi-Gang Wu, Yun-Bei Xiao, Chao-Feng Zhou, Qin-Quan Wang, Jian Cai
Development and validation of an integrative methylation signature and nomogram for predicting survival in clear cell renal cell carcinoma
Qiliang Peng, Yibin Zhou, Lu Jin, Cheng Cao, Cheng Gao, Jianfang Zhou, Dongrong Yang, Jin Zhu
Fixed or adjustable sling in the treatment of male stress urinary incontinence: results from a large cohort study
Tanja Hüsch, Alexander Kretschmer, Alice Obaje, Ruth Kirschner-Hermanns, Ralf Anding, Tobias Pottek, Achim Rose, Roberto Olianas, Alexander Friedl, Roland Homberg, Jesco Pfitzenmaier, Rudi Abdunnur, Fabian Queissert, Carsten M. Naumann, Josef Schweiger, Carola Wotzka, Joanne Nyarangi-Dix, Torben Hofmann, Kurt Ulm, Wilhelm Hübner, Ricarda M. Bauer, Axel Haferkamp, Debates On Male Incontinence (DOMINO)-Project
Failure of testosterone replacement therapy to improve symptoms correlates with burden of systemic conditions
Nicholas J. Farber, Sarah C. Vij, Daniel A. Shoskes
Cost-effectiveness analysis of two kinds of bladder cancer urinary diversion: Studer versus Bricker
Weipu Mao, Jinbo Xie, Yuan Wu, Zonglin Wu, Keyi Wang, Heng Shi, Hui Zhang, Bo Peng, Jiang Geng
Critical evaluation of the subcutaneous engraftments of hormone naïve primary prostate cancer
Maija Valta, Jani Ylä-Pelto, Yu Lan, Tiina Kähkönen, Pekka Taimen, Peter J. Boström, Otto Ettala, Sofia Khan, Niklas Paulin, Laura L. Elo, Päivi J. Koskinen, Pirkko Härkönen, Johanna Tuomela
Association between sodium intake and lower urinary tract symptoms: does less sodium intake have a favorable effect or not?
Jin-Won Noh, Kyoung-Beom Kim, Young Dae Kwon, Jae Heon Kim
Nomograms for predicting overall and cancer-specific survival in patients with papillary renal cell carcinoma: a population-based study using SEER database
Haicui Yan, Xiyi Wei, Aimin Wu, Yeqin Sha, Xiao Li, Feng Qi
Comparison of intrarenal pelvic pressure and postoperative fever between standard- and mini-tract percutaneous nephrolithotomy: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Dechao Feng, Xiongfeng Zeng, Ping Han, Xin Wei
Serum and tissue syndecan-1 levels in renal cell carcinoma
Christian Niedworok, Carsten Kempkensteffen, Andreas Eisenhardt, Stephan Tschirdewahn, Christian Rehme, Andrej Panic, Henning Reis, Hideo Baba, Peter Nyirády, Boris Hadaschik, Ilona Kovalszky, Tibor Szarvas
Nomograms to predict overall and cancer-specific survival in patients with upper tract urothelial carcinoma: a large population-based study
Feng Qi, Xiyi Wei, Yuxiao Zheng, Yeqin Sha, Yousheng Lu, Xiao Li
Novel strategy to monitor fluid absorption and blood loss during urological endoscopic surgery
Yunxin Zhang, Ning Fan, Lixiu Zhang, Xuemei Hu, Li Wang, Hanzhang Wang, Dharam Kaushik, Ronald Rodriguez, Zhiping Wang
Penile vascular abnormalities in young men with persistent side effects after finasteride use for the treatment of androgenic alopecia
Mohit Khera, Jeffrey K. Than, James Anaissie, Ali Antar, Weitao Song, Boriss Losso, Alexander Pastuszak, Taylor Kohn, Jorge Rivera Mirabal
Variability in surgical management of kidney cancer between urban and rural hospitals in Queensland, Australia: a population- based analysis
Megan K. Forbes, Evan P. Owens, Simon T. Wood, Glenda C. Gobe, Robert J. Ellis
A novel cell-free single-molecule unique primer extension resequencing (cf-SUPER) technology for bladder cancer non-invasive detection in urine
Cheng Zhao, Yi Pan, Yinhuai Wang, Yuanwei Li, Weiqing Han, Li Lu, Wei Tang, Pei Li, Zhenyu Ou, Mengda Zhang, Zhuang Xiong, Ran Xu, Qiang Lu, Zhenzhou Xu, Lin Qi, Long Wang, Genming Xu
Acute kidney injury in solitary kidney patients after partial nephrectomy: incidence, risk factors and prediction
Kun Zhu, Haifeng Song, Zhenan Zhang, Binglei Ma, Xiaoyuan Bao, Qian Zhang, Jie Jin
Efficacy of cystectasia in the treatment of ketamine-induced bladder contracture
Xue-Song Yang, Zheng Chen, Jian-Li Duan, Bin Pan, Xiao-Ping Qin, Bin Lei, Yang-Bai Lu, Yu-Tong Li, Yun Luo, Xiao-Long Xu, Cai-Yong Lai, Yu-Min Zhuo
Combining clinical and MRI data to manage PI-RADS 3 lesions and reduce excessive biopsy
Shuo Yang, Wenlu Zhao, Shuangxiu Tan, Yueyue Zhang, Chaogang Wei, Tong Chen, Junkang Shen
Risk factors for the fever after percutaneous nephrolithotomy: a retrospective analysis
Likun Zhu, Rui Jiang, Lijun Pei, Xu Li, Xiangjun Kong, Xinwei Wang
Survival benefit of neoadjuvant chemotherapy in pathologic T2N0 or lower urothelial carcinoma patients: evidence to support the use of neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Hyeong Dong Yuk, Chang Wook Jeong, Cheol Kwak, Hyeon Hoe Kim, Ja Hyeon Ku
Robotic-assisted laparoscopic pyeloplasty as management for recurrent ureteropelvic junction obstruction: a comparison study with primary pyeloplasty
Peng Zhang, Taoping Shi, Xenginn Fam, Liangyou Gu, Yundong Xuan, Luojia Yang, Baojun Wang, Xing Ai, Zhuomin Jia, Hongzhao Li, Xu Zhang, Xin Ma
Association between masturbation and functional outcome in the postoperative course after nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy
Valentin H. Meissner, Sonja Dumler, Martina Kron, Stefan Schiele, Veronika E. Goethe, Andreas Bannowsky, Jürgen E. Gschwend, Kathleen Herkommer
Metastasectomy of oligometastatic urothelial cancer: a single-center experience
Tim Muilwijk, Murat Akand, Frank Van der Aa, Herlinde Dumez, Gert De Meerleer, Dirk Van Raemdonck, Paul De Leyn, Hendrik Van Poppel, Maarten Albersen, Steven Joniau
Radical penectomy, a compromise for life: results from the PECAD study
Jamil Ghahhari, Michele Marchioni, Philippe E. Spiess, Juan J. Chipollini, Peter Nyirády, Judith Varga, Pasquale Ditonno, Stefano Boccasile, Giulia Primiceri, Cosimo De Nunzio, Giorgia Tema, Andrea Tubaro, Alessandro Veccia, Alessandro Antonelli, Gennaro Musi, Ottavio De Cobelli, Andrea Conti, Stefano Puliatti, Salvatore Micali, Mario Álvarez-Maestro, José Quesada Olarte, Erico Diogenes, Marcos Venicio Alves Lima, Andrew Tracey, Georgi Guruli, Riccardo Autorino, Petros Sountoulides, Roman Sosnowski, Luigi Schips, Luca Cindolo
Identification of miR-21-5p and miR-210-3p serum levels as biomarkers for patients with papillary renal cell carcinoma: a multicenter analysis
Charis Kalogirou, Jörg Ellinger, Glen Kristiansen, Georgios Hatzichristodoulou, Hubert Kübler, Burkhard Kneitz, Jonas Busch, Annika Fendler
Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy for III B chronic pelvic pain syndrome
Guizhong Li, Libo Man
Gene-environment interaction with smoking for increased non- muscle-invasive bladder cancer tumor size
Nadezda Lipunova, Anke Wesselius, Kar K. Cheng, Frederik-Jan van Schooten, Richard T. Bryan, Jean-Baptiste Cazier, Maurice P. Zeegers
Clinical outcomes and survival differences between primary, secondary and concomitants carcinoma in situ of urinary bladder treated with BCG immunotherapy
Radosław Piszczek, Wojciech Krajewski, Bartosz Małkiewicz, Piotr Krajewski, Andrzej Tukiendorf, Romuald Zdrojowy, Anna Kołodziej
Clinical utility of ultrasonographic evaluation in acute kidney injury
Caijie Liu, Xiuzhen Wang
Protective effect of renal ischemic postconditioning in renal ischemic-reperfusion injury
Ying Tian, Jia Shu, Ruizhen Huang, Xin Chu, Xuefeng Mei
Expression of VEGF, CD73 and their relationship with clinical pathology, microvessel density, and prognosis in renal cell carcinoma
Xuefeng Mei, Jia Shu, Ruizhen Huang, Xin Chu, Ying Tian

Case Report

Successful management of prostate cancer with bulky pelvic lymph node metastases after rapid development of castration-resistant prostate cancer: a case report with review of the literature
Lixin Mai, Yonghong Li, Ping Yang, Zitong Zhang, Jianhua Wu, Fangjian Zhou, Yang Liu, Liru He
Solitary testicular neurofibromatosis with testicular abscess: a case report
Xiaodong Bian, Mancheng Xia, Hongjie Xie, Fan Cui, Jiawei Chen, Ruiqin Zhang, Weibing Shuang
Diagnostic and interventional magnetic resonance neurography diagnosis of brachytherapy seed-mediated pudendal nerve injury: a case report
Luke W. Bonham, Amin S. Herati, Edward F. McCarthy, A. Lee Dellon, Jan Fritz
Treatment gains from the “sandwich method” of abiraterone acetate for men with metastatic prostate cancer: a case report and sharing of our experience
Hui Wang, Xin Li, Ping Zhang, Shixiong Liu, Qiang Xie, Shankun Zhao
Renal cell carcinoma with nephrotic syndrome: a case report and literature review
Fei Song, Chuan Liu, Junyong Zhang, Zili Hu
Bilateral ureteral replacement using ileum in bilateral refractory ureteral stricture with renal insufficiency: a case report and review of literature
Jae Joon Park, Sangchul Yun, Jae Heon Kim

Letter to the Editor

Highlighting the road towards new disease-specific comorbidity indices
Paolo Dell’Oglio, Elio Mazzone, Zhe Tian, Pierre I. Karakiewicz

Editorial on Prostate Imaging and Focal Therapy1

Prostate imaging and focal therapy
Martin J. Connor, Saiful Miah, Taimur T. Shah, Hashim U. Ahmed

Review Article on Prostate Imaging and Focal Therapy1

Prostate cancer biology & genomics
Hayley Whitaker, Joseph O. Tam, Martin J. Connor, Alistair Grey
Can transrectal prostate ultrasound compete with multiparametric MRI in the detection of clinically significant prostate cancer?
Alistair D. R. Grey, Martin J. Connor, Joseph Tam, Tillmann Loch
Value of systematic sampling in an mp-MRI targeted prostate biopsy strategy
Martin J. Connor, Saiful Miah, Rajiv Jayadevan, Christopher C. Khoo, David Eldred-Evans, Taimur Shah, Hashim U. Ahmed, Leonard Marks
Current techniques of prostate biopsy: an update from past to present
Mohamed Essam Noureldin, Martin J. Connor, Nicholas Boxall, Saiful Miah, Taimur Shah, Jochen Walz
Targeting the cancer lesion, not the whole prostate
Nishant Bedi, Deepika Reddy, Hashim U. Ahmed
Focal therapy, time to join the multi-disciplinary team discussion?
Deepika Reddy, Nishant Bedi, Tim Dudderidge
A systematic review of salvage focal therapies for localised non-metastatic radiorecurrent prostate cancer
Christopher C. Khoo, Saiful Miah, Martin J. Connor, Joseph Tam, Mathias Winkler, Hashim U. Ahmed, Taimur T. Shah


1. The series “Prostate Imaging and Focal Therapy” was commissioned by the editorial office, Translational Andrology and Urology without any sponsorship or funding. Martin J. Connor, Saiful Miah, Taimur T. Shah and Hashim U. Ahmed served as the unpaid Guest Editors for the series.