Sang Won Han, MD, PhD

Department of Urology, Urological Science Institute, Yonsei University College of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

Dr. Han graduated from Yonsei University College of Medicine, the oldest medical school in Korea at 1982 and received his training in urology at Yonsei University’s Severance Hospital. Dr. Han’s subsequent fellowship in pediatric urology was with Professor SK Choi, a pioneer of pediatric urology in Korea. His master's thesis (1983-1985) was about the role of prolactin in male infertility and the doctoral thesis (1986-1991) concerned on the endocrinological manipulation of the genitofemoral motonucleus during testicular descent.

Dr. Han was currently a professor of urology at Yonsei University College of Medicine and his clinical activity is limited to pediatric urology. Dr. Han’s interests are voiding dysfunction in children, the relationship between sexual maldifferentiation and endocrine disruptor, and postnatal management of prenatal hydronephrosis. His current research projects are focused on elucidating the genetic defects of destrusor muscle cell of spina bifida and the effects of endocrine disruptor upon the fetal genital tracts. Dr. Han has presented the papers about neonatal hydronephrosis and the effects of the electrical stimulation on bladder in clinical field and also presented the papers about the action mechanism of endocrine disruptor on genitalia. Dr. Han has participated in editing several textbooks as an author of chapters and has recently compiled the Korean Textbook of Urology. Dr. Han is the chief of Department of Pediatric Urology in Severance Children’s Hospital. He is also the president-elect of the Asia Pacific Association of Pediatric Urology and the president-elect of the Korean Urological Association.

Terms of Appointment: Mar 2012- Feb 2014, Mar 2014- Feb 2016, Mar 2016- Feb 2018