Patricio C. Gargollo, MD

Department of Urology, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN, USA

Dr. Gargollo is a Pediatric Urologist and Associate Professor at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, and has a particular interest and expertise in robotic assisted surgery in pediatric urology. He trained at Harvard Medical School and completed his residency and fellowship at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston Children's Hospital, and Harvard Medical School. Previously he was Director of Pediatric Urology Robotic Surgery at Children's Medical Center in Dallas Texas and subsequently Co-director of Pediatric Urology Robotic Surgery at Texas Children's Hospital. Dr. Gargollo has one of the most extensive experiences in robotic assisted surgery for complex reconstruction in pediatric patients and has pioneered numerous robotic techniques in pediatric urology.

Terms of Appointment: Jun 2019 - May 2021