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Endocrine disrupting chemicals and impact on male reproductive health

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	title = {Endocrine disrupting chemicals and impact on male reproductive health},
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	abstract = {Endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) have been known to adversely affect the endocrine system leading to compromised functions of hormones. The presence of these compounds in everyday products such as canned food, water bottles, plastics, cosmetics, fertilizers, kid’s toys and many others goods is a greater concern for general population. The persistent and long-term use of EDCs has deleterious effects on human reproductive health by interfering with the synthesis and mechanism of action of sex hormones. Any change during the synthesis or action of the sex hormones may result in abnormal reproductive functions which includes developmental anomalies in the reproductive tract and decline in semen quality. The present paper provides an overview of the EDCs and their possible impact on male reproductive health with major focus on semen quality which leads to male infertility.},
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