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Role of androgens for urethral homeostasis

	author = {Matthias D. Hofer and Allen F. Morey},
	title = {Role of androgens for urethral homeostasis},
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	keywords = {},
	abstract = {Background: We observed that patients with hypogonadism are at higher risk to experience artificial urinary sphincter cuff erosion. Sphincter erosions have been found to be associated with urethral atrophy or compromised urethras subsequent to events limiting its blood supply. We therefore analyzed possible mechanisms how a decrease in testosterone serum levels can result decreased urethral blood flow. 
Methods: In a cohort of >1,200 urethroplasties, tissue specimens obtained during surgeries were analyzed for expression of androgen receptor (AR), AR-responsive TIE-2 associated with angiogenesis, and the endothelial cell marker CD31 for determination of vessel counts were analyzed immunohistochemically. A total of 11 patients were included in whom both tissue and serum testosterone levels within 2 years of the urethroplasty was available. Low serum testosterone level defined as },
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