Prostate Imaging and Focal Therapy

Posted On 2020-07-10 07:41:23

The heterogeneity of prostate cancer has presented a challenge to researchers in identifying a responsible cardinal genomic alteration. In the opening article Dr. Hayley Whitaker provides a summary of the state-of-art pertaining to tumour biology and genomics from diagnosis to metastatic disease.

Editorial on Prostate Imaging and Focal Therapy
Prostate imaging and focal therapy
Martin J. Connor, Saiful Miah, Taimur T. Shah, Hashim U. Ahmed

Review Article on Prostate Imaging and Focal Therapy
Prostate cancer biology & genomics
Hayley Whitaker, Joseph O. Tam, Martin J. Connor, Alistair Grey

Can transrectal prostate ultrasound compete with multiparametric MRI in the detection of clinically significant prostate cancer?
Alistair D. R. Grey, Martin J. Connor, Joseph Tam, Tillmann Loch

Value of systematic sampling in an mp-MRI targeted prostate biopsy strategy
Martin J. Connor, Saiful Miah, Rajiv Jayadevan, Christopher C. Khoo, David Eldred-Evans, Taimur Shah, Hashim U. Ahmed, Leonard Marks

Current techniques of prostate biopsy: an update from past to present
Mohamed Essam Noureldin, Martin J. Connor, Nicholas Boxall, Saiful Miah, Taimur Shah, Jochen Walz

Targeting the cancer lesion, not the whole prostate
Nishant Bedi, Deepika Reddy, Hashim U. Ahmed

Focal therapy, time to join the multi-disciplinary team discussion?
Deepika Reddy, Nishant Bedi, Tim Dudderidge

A systematic review of salvage focal therapies for localised non-metastatic radiorecurrent prostate cancer
Christopher C. Khoo, Saiful Miah, Martin J. Connor, Joseph Tam, Mathias Winkler, Hashim U. Ahmed, Taimur T. Shah