Profs. Jeremy B. Myers, John T. Stoffel, Blayne Welk and Sean Elliott: Controversies and Current Management of Adult Neurogenic Bladder (Vol 5, No 1, February 2016)

Posted On 2016-03-02 09:50:42

There is probably no field in urology in which so many different physiologies are broadly grouped under a single definition; the diagnosis of neurogenic bladder itself simply relies on the presence of a neurologic disease and varying degrees of urinary symptoms. This leads to a heterogeneous patient population for which there is no single “standard of care”. Because of this heterogeneity, physicians treating these patients require a broad understanding of neurologic conditions, patience, and significant surgical creativity to optimally help patients with neurogenic bladder. There is a multitude of follow-up recommendations and management strategies described throughout the literature, but most are based on historical expert opinion and small, single center observational studies. Another challenge is that the surgical management of these patients’ falls somewhere between community based urology, pediatrics, female, neurourology, and trauma and reconstructive urology. It cannot be emphasized enough that team based care is needed for these patients—all of these sub-specialties play a role in taking care of patients with neurogenic bladder and they all offer unique perspectives from which we can learn.


Guest Editor: Jeremy B. Myers, MD, FACS.
Guest Editor: John T. Stoffel, MD.
Guest Editor: Blayne Welk, MD, MSc, FRCSC.
Guest Editor: Sean Elliott, MD, MS.