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Dysregulated metabolism: a relevant player in prostate cancer progression and clinical management
Matteo Ferro, Carlo Buonerba, Giuseppe Di Lorenzo, Ottavio de Cobelli, Daniela Terracciano
Need for a personalized approach for muscle invasive bladder cancer: role of tumor biology in response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy
Monika Joshi, Joshua I. Warrick, Ming Yin, Sheldon L. Holder, Joseph J. Drabick
Pelvic lymphadenectomy for muscle invasive urothelial carcinoma: extended morbidity for limited benefit?
Omid Yassaie, Matthew J. Roberts, Marlon Perera
A new subtyping model for residual invasive disease after cisplatin-based neoadjuvant chemotherapy for muscle invasive bladder cancer
Archana Agarwal, Guru Sonpavde
Understanding chemotherapy-induced changes in bladder cancer biology: a necessary step towards tailored treatment in cisplatin-refractory disease
Clément Dumont, Hélène Gauthier, Clément Bonnet, Stéphane Culine
Can post-neoadjuvant therapy molecular classification guide future treatment selection for muscle-invasive bladder cancer?
David J. VanderWeele, Joshua J. Meeks, Maha Hussain
No survival difference between super extended and standard lymph node dissection at radical cystectomy: what can we learn from the first prospective randomized phase III trial?
Tim Muilwijk, Murat Akand, Thomas Gevaert, Steven Joniau
Renal cell carcinoma: the oncological outcome is not the only endpoint
Alberto Martini, Shivaram Cumarasamy, Ashok K. Hemal, Ketan K. Badani
Cancer related fatigue in prostate cancer
James Randall, Waqar Haque, E. Brian Butler, Bin S. Teh
Taking aim at a challenging target in pre-clinical models of prostate cancer
Lisa M. Arendt
Coping with chemoresistance in prostate cancer—co-targeting of adipose stromal cells?
Divya Bhagirath, Sharanjot Saini
Salvage prostate brachytherapy after definitive external radiation: tried and now tested
Young Kwok, Mannat Narang, Jason K. Molitoris
Biomarkers for platinum sensitivity in bladder cancer: are we there yet?
Nirmish Singla, Rashed A. Ghandour, Ganesh V. Raj
Role of heat shock proteins in bladder cancer: potential biomarkers for treatment response and oncological prognosis
Jorge Daza, Zeynep Gul, John P. Sfakianos
Targeting the adipose tissue to fight prostate cancer
Silvano Paternoster, Marco Falasca
Adipose tissue: enabler of prostate cancer aggressive behavior
Cameron A. Wade, Natasha Kyprianou
To achieve the best performance of transurethral resection of bladder tumor: implication of surgical checklist
Jungyo Suh, Ja Hyeon Ku
Alvimopan for post-radical cystectomy ileus: what should we know?
Catriona Duncan, Jiasian Teh, Nathan Lawrentschuk
Dietary intake and prostate cancer, continued pursuit for evidence
Pao-Hwa Lin, Stephen J. Freedland

Review Article

Urologic issues in pediatric transplant recipients
Fabio C. M. Torricelli, Andrea Watanabe, Affonso C. Piovesan, Elias David-Neto, William C. Nahas
Male infertility in renal failure and transplantation
Scott D. Lundy, Sarah C. Vij
Neurologic complications of kidney transplantation
Aaron Shoskes, Robert Wilson
Transplant immunosuppressive drugs in urology
Alice Crane, Mohamed Eltemamy, Daniel Shoskes
Erectile dysfunction in renal failure and transplant patients
Julia V. Fiuk, Nicholas N. Tadros
Biochemical evaluation of kidney disease
Oliver Treacy, Nigel N. Brown, Goce Dimeski
Chronic kidney disease after nephrectomy: a clinically-significant entity?
Robert J. Ellis
Cytomegalovirus infection in kidney allografts: a review of literature
Giuliano Ferreira Morgantetti, Marcelo Luiz Balancin, Guilherme Alencar de Medeiros, Márcio Dantas, Gyl Eanes Barros Silva
Characterizing the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of immunosuppressant medicines and patient outcomes in elderly renal transplant patients
Amelia R. Cossart, W. Neil Cottrell, Scott B. Campbell, Nicole M. Isbel, Christine E. Staatz
Patient-derived xenograft models to optimize kidney cancer therapies
Avi Patel, Sarah Cohen, Ravan Moret, Grace Maresh, Glenda C. Gobe, Li Li
Biomarkers and the role of mast cells as facilitators of inflammation and fibrosis in chronic kidney disease
Evan P. Owens, David A. Vesey, Andrew J. Kassianos, Helen Healy, Wendy E. Hoy, Glenda C. Gobe
Challenges of kidney transplantation in HIV positive recipients
Mahmoud Alameddine, Joshua S. Jue, Ian Zheng, Gaetano Ciancio
Prognostic biomarkers in renal cell carcinoma: is there a relationship with obesity?
Retnagowri Rajandram, Komathi Perumal, Ning Yi Yap
Urologic complications in renal transplants
Hannah R. Choate, Laura A. Mihalko, Bevan T. Choate
Can serum 17-hydroxyprogesterone and insulin-like factor 3 be used as a marker for evaluation of intratesticular testosterone?
Ashaka Patel, Premal Patel, Joshua Bitran, Ranjith Ramasamy
An overview of publicly available patient-centered prostate cancer datasets
Tim Hulsen
Current protocols and outcomes of ABO-incompatible kidney transplantation based on a single-center experience
Masayoshi Okumi, Yoichi Kakuta, Kohei Unagami, Toshio Takagi, Junpei Iizuka, Masashi Inui, Hideki Ishida, Kazunari Tanabe
Machine preservation of donor kidneys in transplantation
Sanjay V. B. Patel, Alp Sener, Rabindra N. Bhattacharjee, Patrick P. W. Luke

Brief Report

Kidney cancer biobanking: considerations for a single institutional biorepository
Sharon J. Del Vecchio, Evan P. Owens, Robert J. Ellis

Original Article

Utility of cytokeratin 7, S100A1 and caveolin-1 as immunohistochemical biomarkers to differentiate chromophobe renal cell carcinoma from renal oncocytoma
Keng Lim Ng, Robert J. Ellis, Hemamali Samaratunga, Christudas Morais, Glenda C. Gobe, Simon T. Wood
Evaluating the impact of radiation therapy on patient quality of life following primary artificial urinary sphincter placement
Jason P. Joseph, Marcelino E. Rivera, Brian J. Linder, Boyd R. Viers, Daniel S. Elliott
Impact of advanced paternal age on the intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) outcomes in donor egg cycles
Gianmartin Cito, Maria Elisabetta Coccia, Rita Picone, Andrea Cocci, Giorgio Ivan Russo, Giulio Garaffa, Rossella Fucci, Francesco Bertocci, Elena Borrani, Valentina Basile, Elisabetta Micelli, Luciana Criscuoli, Sergio Serni, Marco Carini, Alessandro Natali
Long-term outcomes for penile cancer patients presenting with advanced N3 disease requiring a myocutaneous flap reconstruction or primary closure—a retrospective single centre study
Hussain M. Alnajjar, Findlay MacAskill, Michelle Christodoulidou, Ash Mosahebi, Clare Akers, Raj Nigam, Peter Malone, David Ralph, Anita Mitra, Asif Muneer
Relationship between chronic testicular pain and mental health diagnoses
Kuwong B. Mwamukonda, Jeremy C. Kelley, Doug S. Cho, Anna Smitherman
How long does it take a man to collect his semen specimen in a busy infertility clinic?
Diana M. Lopategui, Mariana P. Antoniassi, Emad Ibrahim, Ranjith Ramasamy, Nancy L. Brackett
Dorsal buccal graft urethroplasty in female urethral stricture disease: A multi-center experience
Lindsay A. Hampson, Jeremy B. Myers, Alex J. Vanni, Ramón Virasoro, Thomas G. Smith III, Leandro Capiel, Jason Chandrapal, Bryan B. Voelzke
Fournier’s gangrene: a modern analysis of predictors of outcomes
Jeffrey D. Sparenborg, Jacob A. Brems, Andrew M. Wood, Jonathan J. Hwang, Krishnan Venkatesan

Case Report

Two cases of successful microsurgical penile replantation with ischemia time exceeding 10 hours and literature review
Xiaming Liu, Zhuo Liu, Gaurab Pokhrel, Rui Li, Wen Song, Xiaoyi Yuan, Xiaolin Guo, Shaogang Wang, Tao Wang, Jihong Liu