Vol 1, No 1 (March 2012): Translational Andrology and Urology

Original Article

Comparison of laparoscopic and open cystectomy for bladder cancer: A single center of 110 cases report
Wei Zheng, Xuesong Li, Gang Song, Zheng Zhang, Wei Yu, Kan Gong, Yi Song, Qian Zhang, Zhisong He, Yinglu Guo, Liqun Zhou
Laparoscopic simple prostatectomy with prostatic urethra preservation for benign prostatic hyperplasia
Nianzeng Xing, Yinglu Guo, Feiya Yang, Long Tian, Junhui Zhang, Yong Yan, Ning Kang, Zhongcheng Xin, Yinong Niu
The efficacy of resiniferatoxin in prevention of catheter related bladder discomfort in patients after TURP - A pilot, randomized, open study
Ning Zhang, Peng Zhang, Xiaodong Zhang, Yong Yang

Expert Opinions on Challenging Cases

Commentary on refractory ischemic priapism
Maurice Garcia, Sima Porten, Tom F. Lue


Randall plaque versus renal stone?
Thomas Chi, Joe Miller, Marshall L. Stoller