O 26. Therapeutic progression of penile defect

O 26. Therapeutic progression of penile defect

Yongbin Zhao, Lichao Zhang, Weilie Hu

Department of Urology, General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command, 510010, China

As the males' significant external genitalia, penis has the functions of both urination and copulation. Battle wound, other trauma, and some diseases such as penile cancer can result in totally and partially penile defect, which has great impact on sufferers' mind and life. Therefore, the treatment of penile defect is increasingly considered by both the patients and doctors. The ideal aim of the treatment need to achieve a consonance unity of good appearance and feeling, unobstructed standing urination and successfully copulation. Nowadays, the main clinical therapeutic techniques include penile replantation, penile lengthening and penile reconstruction. Along with the progression of transplantation immunity, tissue matching, immunosuppressive agents, and long-term surviving of animal allograft limb trasplantation, which make it possible for penile transplantation in real clinics. Using engineers and technicians to construct penile tissues are still on the stage of experiments, and it is a worthy research on how to assimilate the constructed tissues and autologous tissue in clinics, which brings better function as well as good penile appearance.

Key words

Penile defect; treatment; penile replantation; penile lengthening; penile reconstruction; tissue engineering

DOI: 10.3978/j.issn.2223-4683.2012.s151

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