PC 01. Survey on the incidence of the prostate cancer in Beijing
Prostate Cancer

PC 01. Survey on the incidence of the prostate cancer in Beijing

Shan Chan, Wei Wang, Ye Tian, Qiang Shao, Liqun Zhou, Yanqun Na, Yi Wang, Baofa Hong, Wenxue Sun, Yingzhi Diao, Zengwu Wang

China Association of Urology

Objective: To investigate the status of the prostate cancer in middle-aged and senior people in Beijing.

Methods: A stratified, multi-age groups, cluster and inequality proportion sampling method was carried out in male(>50 years old) in Beijing between May, 2007 and May, 2011. The proportion of each age group was accordance with the overwhole people. We have conducted questionnaire survey, digital rectum examination (DRE) and serum PSA test in subjectives who had signed informed consent. The indications of prostate biopsy are: more than twice of serum PSA >4 ng/mL,and/or abnormal DRE. All of the accordant subjectives were received prostate biopsy (>12 needles) under the guidance of type-B ultrasonic.

Results: 3359 subjects from 13 communities were included, aged from 50-89 years, mean 65±10.87 cases had prostate biopsy indications, 61 underwent biopsy, and 19 were pathologically diagnosed prostate cancer. In these 19 cases, 11 were locally advanced stage or advanced stage prostate cancer. The detection rate of prostate cancer in this study was 5.66‰, while standardized rate in China is 74.1/100,000.

Conclusions: Although the detection rate of prostate cancer in this study can't represent the incidence of prostate cancer, it is suggested that the incidence of PCa was dramatically underestimated nowadays. The prevention and treatment of prostate cancer in China is differ from western countries, and it is essential that we should promote prostate screening.

Key words

Incidence; prostate cancer

DOI: 10.3978/j.issn.2223-4683.2012.s161

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