Enhanced ambulatory male urethral surgery: a pathway to successful outpatient urethroplasty

Kevin J. Hebert, Jason Joseph, Timothy Boswell, Jack Andrews, Douglas A. Husmann, Boyd R. Viers


Background: Length of stay following anterior urethroplasty (AU) surgery has progressively shortened over the past two decades with most patients discharging the day of surgery or following overnight observation. We sought to assess overall analgesia and patient satisfaction with same-day discharge after AU surgery.
Methods: Our prospectively maintained anterior urethroplasty database was reviewed. Men were identified who underwent anterior urethroplasty surgery by a single surgeon (B.R.V.) with the Enhanced Ambulatory Male Urethral Surgery (EAMUS) protocol followed by same-day discharge. Patients were contacted within 3 weeks of surgery and completed validated assessment tools to characterize satisfaction with the outpatient experience and with analgesia management. A statistical analysis was performed to assess predictors of overall satisfaction with same-day discharge following AU surgery.
Results: Fifty-seven patients with median age 52.2 years underwent same-day AU surgery between August 2017 and October 2018. In total, 46 patients (80.7%) responded to post-discharge surveys assessing overall outpatient satisfaction and satisfaction with analgesia. Median satisfaction with outpatient experience (scale 1–5) was 5 (IQR 4, 5) with 93.4% of patients indicating they were satisfied to very satisfied (4 or 5). Median patient satisfaction with analgesia (scale 1–6) was 6 (IQR 5, 6) with 93.4% of patients indicating a satisfaction with analgesia score of ≥5 (satisfied to very satisfied). Median number of 5 mg oxycodone tablets used following discharge was 3 (IQR 0.75, 5). Postoperative complications occurred in 14 patients (25%) with 12 (86%) being low grade complications (Clavien-Dindo Classification ≤ II).
Conclusions: With appropriate preoperative education and peri-operative analgesia, anterior urethroplasty surgery can be performed with same-day discharge with comparable postoperative complication rates while maintaining excellent patient satisfaction. Additional high volume, prospectively collected studies are necessary to verify short-term satisfaction rates while confirming long-term urethroplasty success rates remain comparable to AU surgery performed with next day discharge.