Pictorial review of tips and tricks for ureteroscopy and stone treatment: an essential guide for urologists from PETRA research consortium

Bhaskar K. Somani, Achilles Ploumidis, Athanasios Pappas, Steeve Doizi, Omikunle Babawale, Laurian Dragos, Emre Sener, Michele Talso, Tzevat Tefik, Peter Kronenberg, Esteban Emiliani, Luca Villa, Guido Kamphuis, Silvia Proietti, Olivier Traxer


With an increase in the number of ureteroscopy (URS) procedures, URS is now performed more widely and is becoming a standard procedure for all urologists. There is also a rise in the complexity of these procedures and URS is now offered for treatment of stones as well as for diagnosis and treatment of urothelial tumours. We wanted to provide a ‘pictorial review’ of the ‘tips and tricks’ of URS, as the finer and technical details are often easier to understand and remember with images rather than through textual explanations.