Article Abstract

The risk of oversimplification in risk-stratification of neoadjuvant chemotherapy-responses in muscle invasive bladder cancer

Authors: Amir Sherif


The authors, Lyon et al., analyzed 1,931 patients undergoing radical cystectomy (RC) for muscle invasive bladder cancer (MIBC) at the Mayo clinic, with the intention to evaluate a suggested response stratification of MIBC-patients in terms of treatment success for neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC) (1). The concept of risk stratification in low risk (LR) and high risk (HR) patient cohorts had been proposed by a clinical research group at MD Anderson, for evaluating which patients could be offered NAC and which patients could be presented with an option of upfront RC (2). The MD Anderson investigators suggested utilizing NAC in HR patients only and further suggested LR patients to receive immediate RC and an option of adjuvant chemotherapy.