Article Abstract

Two cases of successful microsurgical penile replantation with ischemia time exceeding 10 hours and literature review

Authors: Xiaming Liu, Zhuo Liu, Gaurab Pokhrel, Rui Li, Wen Song, Xiaoyi Yuan, Xiaolin Guo, Shaogang Wang, Tao Wang, Jihong Liu


Traumatic penis amputation is a urological emergency. Although repair techniques have been well described in literature, failure of replantation and its causes are poorly understood and reported. The aim of this study is to evaluate the treatment and prognosis of microsurgical replantation of penile amputation with a relative long-term ischemia, and review related literatures to summarize relevant clinical experiences. We report two cases of penile amputation and microsurgical replantation performed in our hospital in August 2016. In the first case, the patient was injured by sharp scissors due to family conflict, while in the second case, it was a mechanical injury. For both cases, microsurgical approaches were adopted. After the microsurgical replantation, both the patients recovered well and showed normal urination, erectile function, return of sensations and satisfactory cosmetic appearance. With the development of microsurgical techniques, the successful re-anastomosis of blood vessel and nerve can increase the survival and functional recovery of the penis even in cases exceeding 10 hours of ischemia. This provides greater possibility of graft survival with minimum complication.