Article Abstract

Cytomegalovirus infection in kidney allografts: a review of literature

Authors: Giuliano Ferreira Morgantetti, Marcelo Luiz Balancin, Guilherme Alencar de Medeiros, Márcio Dantas, Gyl Eanes Barros Silva


Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is an important cause of renal transplantation complications. It can cause different syndromes or end-organ diseases that can lead to unfavourable clinical outcomes and kidney allograft dysfunction. Although well documented as a systemic disease on renal transplant patients, affecting non-renal tissue, as gastrointestinal and respiratory tract, few cases have been reported in English-language indexed journals involving renal allograft lesions secondary to CMV. As an important differential diagnosis and etiological agent to acute and chronic rejection, the possibility of CMV kidney direct infection needs prompt recognition for effective treatment. In this paper, we will review the current literature about CMV nephritis and discuss the findings from each case report.