CJK 09. Role of testosterone as a biomarker in aging male

CJK 09. Role of testosterone as a biomarker in aging male

Kwangsung Park

Professor of Urology, Chonnam National University Hospital; Director, Sexual Medicine Research Center, Chonnam National University, Gwangju 500-757, Korea

Serum testosterone level declines during male aging, and low testosterone may predispose to ill health. In a population based cohort study, low serum testosterone levels were associated with increased risk of mortality. Low serum testosterone has been reported in the diabetes, alcoholic liver disease, chronic renal disease, and metabolic syndrome.

Healthier lifestyle such as encompassing exercise, health food choices and avoidance of overweight predict higher circulating testosterone in aging men. Decreased testosterone levels are associated with negative health outcomes. Some studies have reported that decreased levels of total and bioavailable testosterone predict increased mortality in aging men. Randomized, controlled clinical trials have found a favorable effect of testosterone supplementation on body composition and BMD in men with low-to-normal testosterone levels. Lifestyle interventions such as weight control or healthy lifestyle behaviors might have a role in prevention of age related decline in testosterone level in men.

DOI: 10.3978/j.issn.2223-4683.2012.s247

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