Article Abstract

Post-operative antibiotics following placement of a penile prosthesis

Authors: Alex Tatem, Jason R. Kovac


One of the most devastating complications that can occur following a penile prosthesis is infectious in nature (1,2). Consequently, both proper patient selection and risk management are essential for prosthetic surgeons. In a recent paper by Palma-Zamora et al. (1) published in the current issue of Translational Andrology and Urology, the authors present data discussing the short-term (30-day) adverse outcomes that can occur post placement of a penile prosthesis. The authors identified an overall 30-day complication rate of 11%; of which 45% were infectious in etiology (1). Diabetes was present in 29% of patients (1) and although there is some debate regarding the importance of hemoglobin A1c in diabetic patients undergoing prosthesis placement, optimizing peri-operative glucose control for all diabetic patients is essential in reducing the risk of infectious complications (3,4). Given the significant consequences of infection, a brief discussion regarding post-operative antibiotic usage is warranted.