Article Abstract

Management of the small renal mass

Authors: Nima Almassi, Bradley C. Gill, Brian Rini, Khaled Fareed


The increasing use of cross-sectional imaging has led to an increase in the diagnosis of incidental small renal masses (SRMs). About 20% of such masses are benign, while a significant proportion of malignant SRMs demonstrate slow growth kinetics and non-aggressive histologic features. Given these characteristics, lesions that were traditionally treated surgically are increasingly managed with less aggressive approaches. Further contributing to the evolving management paradigm is accumulating evidence supporting the safety of active surveillance and the efficacy of percutaneous renal mass biopsy in guiding management decisions. This review first discusses the epidemiology and diagnostic work-up of SRMs. The available management options are then examined, with emphasis placed on the clinical factors considered in selecting an appropriate approach. The existing evidence and long-term outcomes of each strategy are discussed. Finally, an overview of the current paradigm for the management of a patient with a SRM is provided. The goal is to provide physicians with the necessary understanding to appropriately manage this increasingly common condition.