Article Abstract

Chronic scrotal pain and microsurgical spermatic cord denervation: tricks of the trade

Authors: Alex Tatem, Jason R. Kovac


Every practicing urologist encounters patients complaining of chronic scrotal content pain (CSCP). This condition can be equally frustrating for both patients and clinicians as there are no clear treatment guidelines, or pathways, for urologists to follow. As a result, most patients typically seek out multiple providers without improvements in their symptoms. Fortunately, microsurgical spermatic cord denervation (MSCD) is becoming an accepted, reliable and reproducible technique for definitively addressing CSCP in select patients. This manuscript reviews the background, effectiveness and current practice guidelines for scrotal pain in general, and MSCD in particular. Technical insights into how this technique can be performed both safely, and efficaciously, are provided. Finally, the manuscript presents a simple, yet detailed, easy to follow treatment algorithm to aid all urologists in the management of patients presenting with chronic pain.